Slicehost is going away

Im sure its not even news anymore that Rackspace has decided to roll all the slicehost accounts into Rackspace Cloud accounts. Its no surprise. If you were the type to follow what had been going on with RS Cloud and Slicehost you would have seen like me that Slicehost never really changed after Rackspace bought them, but the RS Cloud and apps like their iphone app were having improvements constantly; while Slicehost had little to no changes happening, and their Android App even vanished from the market. I even asked the developer if he would open source the code like they have done with many of their other projects. It never happened, so that made me wonder.. Do they hate Slicehost or are they not willing to share that info for some reason… OR were they just gearing up to drop support for Slicehost all together.. seems like it was the later. I dont blame them, I might have done the same thing in their shoes. Once it was announced that Slicehost was going away TONS of people were pissed about it and bitching up a storm on twitter and on IRC. Many of the people I talked to about this didnt even look into what was changing. They were just having knee jerk reactions that involved leaving Slicehost for some other VPS. I decided I am going to stick with them for now, and in the mean time I am checking out a few other providers and in a few months I will decide which one I will stick with. I also went over to xtranormal and made a handy video on my take of the changes. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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