SYSPRP Parse Commands:No action flag was specified

Ive been doing a fair bit of work around the vmware vix api. One of the things I needed to do was run sysprep after a clone is taken, and beofre the vm is brought on to the network and rejoined to AD. I decided to use vix to do it. Getting the command to run using vix is simple enough with VMRunProgramInGuest(). The issue I ran into was with the parameters I was passing to sysprep.exe

Sysprep will log into:


In those files is where I found the error:

SYSPRP Parse Commands:No action flag was specified

I was leaving off the Action flag clearly, but what are valid Actions? It wasnt clear to me until I ran sysprep with out any command line args and saw the gui. Then you can see that oobe and audit are your 2 options. oobe best fit my needs. Once I added that my error was corrected and sysprep would successfully run

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