vsphere 6.0 release of yavijava the vijava alternative available in maven

Today I am proud to announce that I have released yavijava-6.0.01 This was a huge task for me to complete. While doing it I realized if I wanted to get these done in a timely manor going forward I would need some automated tool to help get the work done. I spent a couple of days and built a tool called yavijava_generator. It is a tool written in Groovy that will parse the HTML docs provided by VMWare and generate the new classes and update old ones with new properties speeding up the process to deliver new versions by 100’s of times. This release today includes some bug fixes as well. A security flaw was pointed out to on the vijava forums about vijava changing the global security context when you passed the ignoreInvalidSSL flag. I have addressed that in this release. I have also included a massive amount of logging. If you want to see ALL the SOAP payloads being sent to the server, and the payloads the server is sending you all you have to do is enable trace level logging on com.vmware Please be aware this WILL INCLUDE PASSWORDS in plain text in your log files. I have also made a lot of progress in testing coverage. Please upgrade to this version and et me know if you run into any problems.

4 thoughts on “vsphere 6.0 release of yavijava the vijava alternative available in maven

  1. Hi,

    I’ve used ViJava extensively in the past. I found your project in my search for an alternative as ViJava has no 6.0 support. Had a question about Yavijava.

    Is SPBM support for vSphere 6.0 included in 6.0.03? Or is that something you are still working on?


  2. Awesome work Michael ! Thanks. I will be using this 6.0 version and let you know if any issues.

  3. SPBM support has not been completed as of 6.0.04 which was released today. I have personally moved to an OpenStack development team so my development efforts on anything VMWare related have slowed way down.

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