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  1. Hi Michael

    I’m a VMware customer based in South Africa and have been making use of PowerCli to export static content from all our VC’s and writing it to MS Sql for reporting purposes.

    As our environment grows my scripts no longer seems to be fit for purpose. I followed some of William Lams recommendations and got one of my colleagues to convert part of the request into Python using some of the work you have done with pyvmomi (thank you for your contribution to the VMware community)

    Why i’m contacting you is for some guidance. I have PowerCli script to gets capacity details from all vc’s on a per cluster base.
    (Cluster name, #hosts, #cpus, #cores….)
    As my python scripting friends has no knowlage of VMware the question is if you have ever done something like the above mentioned and if so could you direct on how to start this.

    Thank you in advance


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