Herotab C8 Battery Charger Info

I picked up a Herotab C8 a while back and I have had the WORST luck with the battery chargers. As of today I have gone through four of them. My dogs broke the first one, the second one I got showed up bad, and the third one my oldest child just broke on accident, so now I am on the fourth one. I picked it up from RadioShack this time instead of ordering it online. The adapter I got is one of their Enercell universal chargers (part number 273-318), and then I got an Enercell tip (part number 273-334) as well. The tip and charger can be set to tip+ or tip-. For the C8 you need to use tip+. Special thanks to Ponderous for letting me know what to use. The last replacement charger I got did not have it marked on the back. I hope this will be the last one of these chargers I buy..