Adding Swift to DevStack

If you find yourself needing to enable Swift on DevStack and you already have DevStack deployed and running and do not want to redo the whole thing I can relate. I found myself in this exact spot tonight. By default DevStack does not enable Swift, but its really trivial to enable it. The tricky part may be once its enabled how do you make it work without just redoing the whole thing?

Getting Swift enabled is pretty simple. First open your local.conf file in your /home/stack/devstack directory using your favorite editor. Next add the following lines to it:
enable_service s-proxy s-object s-container s-account
And save the file. If you havent built your DevStack yet now you can simply proceed with ./ If you have already built your DevStack and its up and running simply proceed with ./ and when that completes then proceed with the ./ During the install it will prompt you for a hash/passphrase and I just used the same password I used for the initial DevStack install. Once this process finishes you should have Swift added to your DevStack. Happy Stacking!