Guru Plug Server Plus — My First Look

So my boss Robert got a Guru Plug Server Plus, and to my great surprise and joy he sent it home with me to play with. Getting connected to it was simple, once it was plugged in it showed up in my wireless access point list on windows.
Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device

Once connected to the access point I got my network info and tried to ssh to the gateway. I was able to log in as root with a clever default root password. I was greeted with a familiar sight. guruplug-first-boot
Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 I connected the device to the internet and tried to apt-get update but found that didnt work. In the /etc/apt/sources.list file there was an entry for a private internal mirror. I had to comment that out and ran dpkg –configure -a since the system suggested it. Once I did that apt-get update worked and so I did an apt-get upgrade Upgraded everything that needed it. Next I installed less, and ntp. I went through the list of pre installed packages, it was pretty long. Some of the packages that stood out were Lighttpd, PERL, PHP5, Python 2.5, MySQL server and client, exim4, udhcpd, and samba 3.2.5. So for dirt you get a pretty powerful cheap ready to rock LAMP stack and File server and Wireless AP. Not so shabby. This puppy supports booting using all kinds of methods. If you are connected to it though the JTAG you will have the option to keep the system from booting. You will be given a prompt:
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
Marvell>> help

This will return a nice long list of options. You can choose between USB, TFTP, NFS, and many others. Im looking forward to the next couple of days of playing. I want to try out quagga and maybe asterisk. Check back soon for an update of what I do.